Package C

Package C - Also called the Children's Health Insurance Program or CHIP: is a full-service plan for children only. There is a small monthly premium payment and co-pay for some services based on family income.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Income up to 250% FPL (Federal Poverty Level)
  • Does not count resources
  • Limited benefit plan
  • Premiums and co-pays based on income
  • Cannot have private insurance
  • Caps on Durable Medical Equipment of $2000/yr or $5000/lifetime
  • OTC drugs not covered
  • Coverage goes back to the 1st of the month the application was made
  • You cannot have private health insurance to qualify for Package C.

If you qualify for HHW Package C, you may have a Premium. This is a payment that you will have to make for your health care.

When you submit an application, the state will determine your eligibility and select the Package that is right for you.

How do I Apply?

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