Hoosier Care Connect

Hoosier Care Connect is a health care program that is designed to serve Medicaid recipients who may have special health needs or benefit from specialized attention. In Hoosier Care Connect you pick a primary doctor and a health plan by choosing one of the Care Management Organizations (CMOs) contracted with the state to coordinate your health care needs. The CMO will assist you in coordinating your health care benefits and tailor them to your individual needs, circumstances and preferences.

Hoosier Care Connect is for Medicaid Enrollees:

  • Aged (65 and older)
  • Blind
  • Disabled
  • Individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income
  • Wards and Fosters
  • M.E.D. Works enrollees

Hoosier Care Connect receive all Medicaid covered benefits in addition to care coordination services.  Care coordination services will be individualized based on an enrollee’s assessed level of need determined through a health screening.

How to Apply


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