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  • Include an opt- out clause on registration cards and athletic departments emergency contact cards.
  • For each family that does not check the opt-out box, release the contact information to the appropriate personnel or Partnering Agency. The appropriate personnel or Agency will contact every uninsured family and schedule an appointment to complete a Hoosier Healthwise application. 
  • Distribute outreach materials at all concussion meetings that school systems are requiring parents to attend.  Also include information in the health insurance status form within the informational packet.
  • Provide outreach materials at all parent meetings for fall, winter and spring sports.
  • Outreach materials should be present at athletic department staff meetings.
  • Provide outreach materials during sport physicals, if applicable.
  • Outreach materials should be geared toward athletics and can include fliers and posters. Ideal locations to display these are gyms, concession stands, and other school locations.

Other Materials
Opt-Out Clause
Student Health Insurance Status Form
File-Folder-Labels (print on Avery 8164)

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